Sunshine grows dimmer
A line appears in the sky
See you tomorrow.

To my Dad

For telling me it was all right, even
when it wasn’t.
For quoting a seer when I could not see.
For listening to my complaints and finding a way to
For dealing with me.


Drip drop,
Pit pat,
Bink bonk,
Water dropping from a faucet
Tinkle tankle,
Tinkle tankle,
A little more is taken,
Silence at last.

4.Flash fiction
Family ties

John had just clocked out of work. Today was a rough one. The boss had told him to go to seven houses
To evict the current tenants for unpaid mortgages. He saw the wet faces and heard their please for an extension, he was obligated to silence them by simply saying a certain period for gathering their belongings. The walk home was quiet, emotionless, and dead. A homeless man approached him saying, “son, have you any change for your mother.” He turned him away and walked off. When he heard the man say “son”, he thought of his parents and of what happened to them, which was a mystery even to him. John suddenly took out his family tree which had pictures of each member. He searched for his father and a sudden gasp welled up from his throat. There in the two dimensional frame was the homeless man from that day.

5.free verse
A question for Dante Alighieri, the author of the Divine Comedy, a tale of Dante and the Roman poet Vergil's fictional journey through Purgetory and the nine circles of Hell to look for his wife who took her own life. This question asks why Dante wrot this story during one of the most religiously threatening times in history.
What was Dante thinking?

One day I thought of this,
Why did Dante write about the abyss?
I mean, sure the renaissance was a religious time,
but this would have disturbed the order sublime.
His tale of being through hell and back
for his love who was a bit of a whack.
Traveling with Vergil though circles one through nine,
until the devil appeared un-divine.
Well his wife may have taken her life,
but to Dante his journey was worth the strife.